15.) Awareness Tools – All I Want to Be Aware of Is SHRIMP! – Serve Me Well Google Alerts!

I thought today’s topic was interesting… even though I have a love hate relationship with the internet, things such as awareness tools are a necessary evil — especially for someone as easily frustrated and lazy as myself in regards to locating things on the internet thoroughly.

I found some interesting things on digg when I created my account O.O

Is the end near, Zuckerberg? *.*

The CIA is acting out!? *gasp*… I just can’t fathom that they’d ever  do THAT.


There are consequences…some of ya know what I’m talking about. O.O

Google Alerts!…the only alert that mattered: Shrimp in Fredericksburg.

I admit, I am excited to check my gmail tomorrow to see if I got any links. YUM!

AND the thing that you all have been waiting for…my FINAL podcast! 😀 Enjoyed the class!

Thing 15 Awareness Tools

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14.) Forums and Webboards: :-D!!!….(But the Shrimp Distracted Me…) *.*

I love discussion boards! As I mention in my podcast, I participate on an online forum regularly for four years — I have already gotten past my being on all day every day phase…these days I am on there every once in a while… maybe a half hour a day or less…some days I don’t have the time to get on. Life is Life, can’t act like it’s not there, LOL.  I have friends for life on the one that I’ve participated on… I have met them on regular meet and greets and as the youngest there… among grown adults, it is great that I get along with them so well whether it be seriously or jokingly. Great people!

One of the things that attracted me to online forums is the way that I grew up… very sheltered. I have always had a natural and vibrant curiousity for the outside world due to that… yeah I know someone is thinking “uh the internet isn’t a great place to try…” etc etc…even so, I maneuvered my way, learned my lessons, lol.  I also love it because you can create your own page… I am a PRO with html for that reason… if there is anything that I am excellent at when it comes to the internet, it is html. Have had a whole lot of practice and I love my personal page…I am a very creative person so I enjoyed creating it and it’s a personal part of me…if that makes sense.  Kind of how I am with my art.

I understand people have fears about the internet… I have definitely had my run ins when I was very naive about it but as a naturally paranoid person it was never anything severe. A natural awareness of common sense helps…unfortunate for those online who have not got it.

Anyway! I usually just stick to the people that I know…don’t join any others and the group is private which is even better!

Here is my podcast for today with thorough Hands On Activity exploration!

Thing 14 Forums and Webboards


The pictures of shrimp that I ran into on Chowhound.com


I should create another YouTube video about my appreciation for shri– nvm! LOL. Don’t do it, Shirley… *.*

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13.) RSS – The Mystery Of the Orange Icon is FINALLY SOLVED!

I can finally remove my Sherlock Holmes hat.

I am kind of surprised that this RSS – thing – would stand for something so straightforward as ‘really simple syndication.’… the funny thing I just thought up was that according to the Professor Ackermann, ‘really’ may just be irrelevant and not needed… Whoever made this up for got that every word should tell! …like Strunk said, LOL!



And now the thing that you all have been waiting for…my podcast!

Thing 13 RSS

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12.) Sharing Documents in the Cloud….GET OFF MY CLOUD! <--- lol, Love That Song Now

Today was a funny day…next time I will not underestimate that something crazy that I post that I think has an extremely low chance of being shared will not be shared. LOL…

Anyway, not much to say…. just get OFF my CLOUD!!!!

Enjoy my podcast! 😀

Thing 12 Sharing Documents in the Cloud

One more thing…







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11.) Social Bookmarking! YAY! I can store my DSW.Com Links Somewhere! :-D

Thank you, Professor Ackermann!

Thank you for introducing me to Delicious.com!

Delicious will help me organize my links for shoes that I want (need) to get….you know women are irrational when it comes to shoes and clothes!  (…I wish my tone could be clearly projected through words on a screen. *.*)

Here is my podcast for Thing 11! ….SOCIAL BOOKMARKING!

Thing 11 Social Bookmarking

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10.) Videos! Ah…I’ve Experimented on YouTube…*cough*

I have tested out the wonders of posting my foolishness on YouTube…after I tried it out on Facebook, of course.

And some part of me doesn’t want to ‘expose’ that for the fact that it would be on the internet …gone wild…for everyone to see. ANYONE!!! *.*  lol Think about it….it would drive anyone to near madness.

But you only live once…and if I screw up this life, I can have a Second Life.

FIRST…Have any of you seen Coming To America? IF not…my YouTube video is NOT going to be anything more than ignorance to you — which is also known as to the youth as an “epic fail.”

100927-141354 : This is a YouTube video that I created…first I placed it on Facebook and then I decided that I should tend to my long since fossilized YouTube page and added it on there.  I may pursue this again since I now know how to make myself a partner and make some money!

Here is my podcast in regards to other comments about this class!

Thing 10 Video


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9.) Podcasts! Call Meh Now! …For Ya Free Reeadin’!

The title should bring back memories for you! LOL.

Anyway, here is my podcast! ENJOY! 😀

Thing 9 Podcasts

On another note…

I need to get this book, it would help me improve my writing and make myself TELL rather than talk for days…O.O:

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8.) Virtual Worlds: Uhmmm…How Fortunate That I Run Into Online Pervs…BUT IT WAS COOL (The Other Stuff, I Mean)

What an Introduction to Virtual Worlds… in this case, Second Life! It was kind of funny – I was laughing very loudly in my mind in that computer lab and would have laughed aloud if I didn’t feel that I would have been disturbing others.

When I first created my account last week, I named myself AnwuilikaBell1988 and upon second inspection of the name during class when we actually used virtual worlds sounds a bit stripperish – in a classy way…if possible – but at the time I thought it was a pretty name.

Learning about the creator and listening to him discuss Second Life on TED was interesting. His description of the kind of inquisitive and curious nature that he had growing up definitely fit the description of someone who would come up with something like this. Just operating through Second Life during class showed me that reality.

Curiousity killed the cat but it made Phillip Rosedale a millionaire. O.O

As I had mentioned earlier, my first introduction to a virtual world was very interesting.  I was fortunate to come across a girl name…goodness, I forgot her name. It started with an S, let’s say that, LOL.

She was nice! It was both our first time on here. My paranoia kept me from saying “Oh hey, I’m doing this for a class!” which would invite her to ask me which class, at which school and etc etc…again this class has made me paranoid about information on the net, LOL. *.*

We did the usual girl greeting that lots of people say… “Oh you are cute!’ etc when we were basically the same avatar in the same outfit, haha.

Then this random guy, I forgot his screenname also came up to us and asked us if we “wanted to pork” and we both smoothly ignored him and continued to talk and after he was trying to inject himself into our conversation a couple of times he finally caught the hint and left. (Thank God.)

That Dude From Second Life

On another note, I explored a few worlds on Second Life…. I went to the ones that had the most people in them because I was hoping to initiate some conversation and instead was surrounded by gyrating couples and interesting chat conversations between them being shown and people completely ignoring me. Ah! I sure cannot forget that one couple….this huge caveman looking guy with no shirt on named “Dirk” and the very mousy timid looking avatar next to him named “Dirk’s girl.” Reminded me of…that movie with Samuel L. Jackson and that girl was chained to him. I mean, I couldn’t help where my mind was going with this…

I think I need to see this movie...Some things just make you curious after you're done saying "WTH!" in your mind.

On a more relevant note, lol, I did visit a library…I forgot the name of it and what world I had teleported to but I had accidentally come across it where there was just a boardroom table, some chairs…and NO BOOKS! *.*…I guess they were all online. (*snickering*)  That ‘library’ supports the point that I made in class, lol.

I went through to a music world because a student next to me kept playing disco music and it sounded like he was having fun in there but I ended up in the Jazz room.

The one thing that I did not like about Second Life — and I guess all virtual worlds are like this is that as you move through it the places build up as you fly. I wanted an aerial view because it was hard to see everything that I wanted and I couldn’t even really view the ‘world’ from above…and if I moved too far, the world would SLOWLY build as I moved and if I wanted to turn around and go back to where I was before, I got lost because the ‘world’ had to rebuild itself again.

lol Second Life is definitely not something I could see myself getting into. O.O. Not at all…

LOL one highlight of the class was when Prof. Ackermann said “If you messed up this life, you can have a Second Life.”

I remember that because I was the only one laughing as loudly as I did. lolol…thought that was hilarious. LOL

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7.) Photos & Images: Ok Flickr …Work With Me Here. Please?

One of the things that I do like about blogging or creating any sort of writing on the internet is that I can use an image to go with my writing. It is boring to look at a bunch of words and then not have any sort of photo or visual to go with it.

This class, I remember, made me remember that Facebook owns my photos technically and I remember thinking “maybe I should delete all of th- NAH!” lol.

With this Flickr experiment I did have trouble trying to figure out how to make Flickr Slidr and the Commons work so what I did instead was explore Flickr… I had never used Flickr before now but fortunately I had a Yahoo account and was able to manuever my way around it instead of having Prof Ackermann related login in issues that seemed to plague him this class. 🙂

I did choose photos from the Flickr website rather than add my own since I have a new level of paranoia now ever since I was told in this class that Facebook and websites technically own my photos since I upload them onto there. *.*  Anyway, I did find some photos — some very artistic ones.

"Ladies in swimsuits!"

I also added some captions onto these photos as well as was instructed. Here we have three shapely ladies in swimsuits…it looks as though they are on a swim team based on the similarity in swimwear and in the way that they are standing — I get a team photo vibe.

"Lady and Man."

For this one, I captioned “Lady and Man”. I liked the cultural feel to this and that is what caught my eye about it. It made me wonder what culture this man and woman come from.

Johnny Dangerously...

Has anyone ever seen Johnny Dangerously? There was a scene in the beginning where the Dundee gang had visited his neighborhood when he was a kid or something along those lines….for some reason the arrangement here reminded me of this…or it may be the suspect guys in suits looking around as mob gangsters would…


Lastly, I called this Wishbone. For some reason, the first thing that came to mind was the dog from Wishbone, even though I know one of the character’s eyes had a dark ring around it or something like that?  Too far back for me to remember….

My overall impression of Flickr is something that I would never use.  I’ve heard of it but it has never appealed to me — similar sites such as Photobucket.com . LOL It seems this class is showing me how adverse I am to putting anything online these days. It’s that feeling of being watched…

Like this. O.O

But now that I have brought up Johnny Dangerously, I thought why not just post a video…most people that I have mentioned this movie have never heard of it…shame on all of ya! Steve Carell and Michael Keaton back in the day! 😀 Moroni was one of my favorite characters though, LOL!

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6.) Evaluating Information Found On the Web: Interesting…Usually, I Don’t Look This Deeply…

I have never really looked this deeply while doing research on anything — I guess that answers my question of whether or not I can be a Computer Science major. lol, maybe I should just stick to politics. We’ll see. I like realizing how much I’ve missed — even if it does make me question my quality of education before I came here. It’s kinda like a lack of focus on teaching geography that a lot of forms of education have experienced. Either way, it is likely more me just not having felt I had no real reason to examine the differences or understand what I can do to research tools…I just head to Google and that’s it. On to more important things…

The Google Uncle Sam website produced the expected results considering it is a Government website.  The link titles focused more on statistical data from states and their governments. It also showed statistics from a Federal aspect — organizations that we have to fight crime such as the FBI, the Victim Compensation Division and a person’s rights if they had committed a crime or were a victim of a crime. This is a good search engine, in my opinion to go to. Especially, since as was said in the notes in regards to evaluating information on the web that governmental resources are usually trustworthy.

Researching something as sensitive as the topic of ‘violent crime’ on Wikipedia of all places, is in my opinion the last place that I would go. First of all when I researched it, I expected it to have a whole lot more information than it ended up having. As would anyone — yet that was evened out by the fact that the website is WIKIPEDIA. Whaddaya expect, you know? <– rhetorical question, haha. It listed violent crime definitions by country, had a mediocre chart of the types of crimes.  I would use this site on this topic to throw in some general information into my own sentences on a research paper and that would be about it. I’d use it enough so that it would not have to actually be cited, if that makes any sense.

Google Scholar is an excellent search engine for university students. I think I am going to use this for my essay for class, actually. Even a lawyer could look through here if he/she wanted because before I typed in “violent crime”, the main homepage of  Google Scholar had choices on it that you would not find on the normal Google search engine page. You can specify if you want patents included in your article searches or if you want legal opinions and journals included in your search.

In Google News, you can “Follow” news sources. I don’t believe that is a feature on the regular Google search engine… “Follow” reminded me of Twitter — I’m sure anyone would have thought the same though. Just skimming through this, this sounds good — it focuses on stories that come from this topic that was searched. As I was skimming, I saw something interesting, stopped in my tracks and just had to read it thoroughly: Computer Errors Let Violent California Prisoners Go Free. Oye….


Evaluating Websites Exercise:

I chose to evaluate “In Defense of Smokers”. When Professor Ackermann pulled that up, I knew that was the one I was going to look at again — who wouldn’t want to know how one defends people who are basically define the word ‘irrationality’ by killing themselves willingly over the course of how many years? Usually, that kind of logic would be all I need to think this man lacking in legitimacy. Not only that but the copyright on this website is “2006”. Updates have not been made to this website since 2006.

The point of this book is that:


is correct while this….

(yes, that.) …is absolutely wrong.

Do I think this author is qualified to write this book — no.

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